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Grade of steel belt: ASS-1200

   NAUT ASS-1200 grade steel belt is a special high strength austenitic stainless steel material that includes two kinds of chemical composition steel belt which can be universal in the majority of cases. Its chemical composition is equivalent to the 1.4301 and 1.4310 American Standard, and has corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, sanitation and other significant characteristics. The continuous conveying and transmission function of this grade of steel belt is often used in the chemical industry, food industry, medicine, rubber and plastic, electronics, mining and other industries.
     NAUT ASS-1200 grade steel belt is a model of steel belt that has been verified as a high quality steel belt in the domestic market and abroad. It is excellent for use in numerous industrial verification, as it carries the characteristics of long life, flat running, and no deviation effectively. 

     If you has other special demanding as widening, extending, drilling, or plating, etc., please contact our relevant staff.

Advantages at a glance

  • Well flatness                          

  • Low economic operation and maintenance cost

  • No pollution                           
  • Corrosion resistance, health and hygiene
  • Good straightness and tracking         
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • Excellent mechanical strength          
  • No pollution
  • No static                              
  • Different requirements for general products
  • Long service life                      
  • Stable operation

Scope of supply

Steel belt performance parameter

Partial typical application

Meltbility material cooling and solidify in chemical industry (sulfur, paraffin, auxiliary, resin, etc.)

Food industry

Thin film industry  

Transport and transfer industry

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