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Single /Double belt cooler

Via overflow weir feeder, the molten products is loaded onto the below constantly moving steel belt.On the cooling effects of water spray above or below the belt,the molten products is solidified,cooled and formed as flakes when they are being conveyed.

        Depemding on the different material feature and capacity requirement, you can choose single belt cooling system, or double belt cooling system, or large capacity cooling system. Double belt cooling system includes flat flaking machine, bow flaking machine and tilting flaking machine.     

Superior advantage of double belt cooler:

1)Materials touch with upper and lower surface of the steel belt,  significantly enhancing the cooling effect, providing us with more area for additional production;

2)Double steel belt for flakes can avoid material edge warping and gives more uniform material;

3)Double belt cooler can be used to cool down some thick materials.
    According to different material, production capacity, you can choose a single steel belt cooler, or a double steel belt cooler, or a large capacity belt cooler, depending on the space areas, material characteristics and customer choice. Naut can provide double steel belt cooler with flat type, bow shaped  or Tilting double belt cooler.

Application of single double belt cooler

  • Polyester resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, acrylic resin, hydrocarbon resin, EMC
  • The basic of chloroacetic acid, neopentyl glycol, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, magnesium nitrate
  • Sales of aluminum sulfate, asphalt, sulfur
  • The basic of polyamide, fatty alcohol, gum base

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