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Health level transport

    NAUT engineers based on steel belt technology, manufacturing skill, design team and more experience on belt processing systems, for users to design any custom, professional or standard metal belt conveyor system. NAUT engineering team has the ability to work closely with customers to ensure that the specific needs of the users are met.

The conveyor and conveyor system is mainly used in food and medicine industry. The FDA, QS, GMP certification and other production quality standards are added in the process of management for more safety measures. 
    We offer a variety of the metal belt conveyor and the conveying systems. The diverse lineup of various kinds of conveyor and conveying system counts for more than 100's. The working process of the system is also flexible. Given that, it can be used under standard, climbing, tunnel or closed condition during the whole process of heating. However, one can add more functional equipment in the conveyor system, for instance, cooling, freezing, rolling, molding etc.

   Belt conveyor advantage at a glance        

        >Contact with food, medicine and other parts of clean products that are made of food grade and sanitary grade steel belt

        >No blind angle to bacteria
        >Beautiful appearance

        >Reasonable layout
        >Imported food grade and medical grade steel belt
        >Mature steel belt service technology
        >Long life
        >Assembly and replacement of parts

        >Running smoothly

        >no noise
        >Good auto-controller

General Transport

    NAUT process provides almost every kinds of belt conveyor system. Based on global mature belt transmission technology, rich field experience, and equipment assemble ability, we can make any complete sets of equipment in the function of transport, conveyor, power transmission. With the application of our superior characteristic steel belt,such new belt conveyor system can replace traditional conveyor.

    Our belt conveyors and whole belt systems are good advantage at a glance, Let user have more choice is reliable         

       > Various designing of machine body and structure
       > Over 8 drive roller types
       > Multi support component selection
       > Standard tension device
       > Automatic belt tracking 
       > Singe or centralized control
       > Safety guard and protection
       > Can be add the attached device 
       > Industry of fine chemicals

High Temperature Transport

    Flame resistant material is something difficult to ignite and can delay or inhibit the combustion, it is widely used in clothing, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, fire protection, national defense and other fields. As we know steel belt is suitable for many complex and harsh working environment, especially its excellent performance in high temperature and nonflammable. NAUT’s customized conveyor system can effectively avoid all kinds of such risks in flammable and explosive industry.

    The characteristics of the whole transmission device

  • Temperature tolerance range of 1200 ℃ or less
  • Long life
  • Reliable correction device
  • Running smoothly
  • Difficult deformation

High Precision Transmission Device

   The precision belt conveyor developed by NAUT are used in many high precision transmission mechanism or can be act as an independent transmission device,it is widely used in variety of working environments, bellow we list some partial functional application.

  • Synchronous transmission
  • Automatic positioning device
  • Robot device
  • Position cutting
  • Packaging &Filling
  • Continuous pinch
  • Assembly production line
  • Local transmission device
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