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Steel belts presses for composite material

    NAUT is an early developing steel belts type continuous pressing system company at home and abroad. The system can be widely used in areas such as casting, molding and laminating. The whole production system of steel belt is detailed and includes heating, reaction, pressure, thickness, cooling and other processes, thereby helping it to achieve efficient processing, reducing the energy consumption, improving the production efficiency, and solve the problems of traditional intermittent and other types of presses. The continuous pressing machine allows the users to choose in between mixed dual pressure system and pure steel belt type pressure system depending on the needs of different users, or necessary technical conditions. 

Double belt mixed pressing system

   Mixed pressing system, a new compression technology, combined with two technologies namely, the stainless steel belt and TEFLON® coating greatly reduces the operation and maintenance costs. Use of the steel belt technology in the most important and necessary processes ensures the quality of the products including its effectiveness and efficiency. Adoption of lower cost Coated Teflon Belt technology in the rest of the section helps to realize the continuous traction and other functions. The whole manufacturing system comprises of integration of raw material, preheating the materials, molding and cooling which gives us the finished product. Under this process, the materials are processed and integrated a number of advanced technology, that makes the whole device safe, stable and reliable.

With the combination of dual technology, some significant and more complementary advantages can be achieved such as:

  • Lower material cost

      High-density products can be produced by high-pressure steel belts, which will in turn reduce the demand for thermoplastic adhesive materials, especially while counting on the natural fibers product, thereby lowering the cost for required materials.

  • Improve the quality of press product

      High mechanical properties of steel belts (such as high hardness, tensile strength, yield strength and low elongation) keeps the pressure balanced in the whole sections of the molding area. Meanwhile, the excellent performance of steel belts helps maintain the thickness of pressing product.

  • Lower energy consumption
      The high thermal storage capacity of the steel belt reduces the energy consumption in the manufacturing process, as well as, controls the temperature to be constant of the material gap.
  • Material will not yield residue

      In the whole process, Non-viscous characteristic of Teflon makes the material not to yield residue. 

Pure steel belt pressing system

   Steel belt pressing system is a single unit system completely based on the design and manufacture of stainless steel belt technology. The system comprises of heating, pressing, thickness determine, cooling and other function into an organic whole. Both the two layers uses special circular stainless steel belt as cyclic pressing belt, which helps the product quality to maintain its stability, especially in maintaining the uniformity when it is hot and cold, thereby maintaining the unanimous thickness of the finished products. The system therefore is well insulated.

   Double steel belt pressing technology consists of two types of system, that can be merge into the mixed pressing production line. The specific selection criteria, however would be decided according to the process conditions and suggestions of the user and engineers.

The most obvious characteristics of double steel belt pressing system

  • Hard and smooth surface             
  • Thermostability
  • Anti-corrosion                      
  • Wear-resisting
  • High-thermal conductivity           
  • High anti-tensile strength
  • Ring welding                        
  • Easy to repair and maintenance
  • Recycling value

According to the pressing demand of different material types, NAUT modular design can be a flexible adjustment, and adapted to a variety of work environment and product requirements, the general application areas are as follows:

Composite materials (fiber, metal, wood, plastic etc.) plate or reel
  • Double elastic swing floor
  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber plate
  • Sandwich panel
  • Insulating plate
  • Film
  • Automobile upholstery component
  • Textile
About us 

  Today, NAUT has provided a number of compressor systems to the home and abroad users, and has been highly recognized by many users. A large number of engineering cases demonstrate that NAUT is a capable global customer service provider.  In case of any technological issue being encountered, our clients would be supported by experiment\ test center and our engineering team. Technical details include the following: 

  • Technical data analysis
  • Sample trial
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Low-volume Production
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