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Grade of steel belt: ASS-1000

    NAUT steel belt's grade ASS-1000 is a special high strength austenitic stainless steel material, the chemical composition  of which is equivalent to the German standard 1.4435, and has acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance, clean sanitation, and other notable features. 

One of the main advantages of using NAUT steel belt is that it fulfills the environmental requirements that is difficult to reach for other level belts, showing the unique application characteristics. The continuous conveying and transmission function of this grade of steel belt is that it is often used in the chemical industry, food industry, medicine and other industries.
    Very few domestic and overseas enterprise can provide the NAUT-ASS-1000 level steel belt. If you have any other special demand such as widening, extending, drilling, plating, etc., please contact our relevant staff.

 Outstanding characteristics of steel belt

  •  Superior flatness (roughness≤2MM/2M2)
  •  No rusting in a corrosive environment
  •  Meeting the demand of food grade/ medical grade/hygiene grade adopting standard
  •  Superior mechanical strength (such as tensile strength/ surface hardness/elongation, etc.)
  •  Can be suitable for a variety of different requirements of the product
  •  Easy to maintain and low maintenance cost
  •  Steel belt runs smoothly, without obvious noise.
Scope of supply(standard and nonstandard size)

Steel belt performance parameter 

Typical application case

Granulation and junction pieces (such as chlorine acid) in the chemical industry)

Food industry (such as salt products, salt containing food etc)

Medical health industry

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