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After-Sales Service

    NAUT was founded more than 10 years,accumulated rich experience and technical ability,and has a unique perfect customer service service plan,Naut not only allows you to buy the best quality products, at the same time, also can let you enjoy the efficient, professional and carefully.

  • The experienced engineers can be independent service in the field
  • Multi-sectoral joint type service
  • A response within 2 hours, arrive at the site within 24 hours
  • Advanced maintenance tools and equipment
  • Detailed service plan
  • Well-trained team
Personalized Service Team

  • If you have one or more steel belt conveyor equipment
  • If you want to make the equipment operation more stable or steel belt with longer service life
  • If you want to have more professional service and quality
  • If you want to worry more, without any menace from the "rear"
  • If you want to save the cost of maintenance and maintenance
  • If......
Package content can be

  • Welding and installation of new steel belt
  • Interpolation and welding(Stainless steel, carbon steel belt, etc.)
  • Splice V-Ropes or waterproof adhesive tape 
  • Mirror steel belt repair
  • Surface treatment of steel belt(Grinding, plastic, etc)
  • Parts replacement
Consulting & Training


   For the users who have never used steel belt,early communication and technical consultation is particularly important.Not any steel strip can meet the user process conditions;not every steel can easily meet the transmission requirements...


   Training content:

  • Operation and maintenance of the steel belt
  • Steel belt repair
  • Operation and maintenance of the equipment
  • New technology seminar

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After-sale service
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